Hi, welcome to the Leaders of the Wolfpack. This blog was created by Andrew Gilbreth and Tysilian “Ty” Pimenta, who are dedicated to keeping you updated on news regarding the student government at the University of Nevada, Reno. From the key players to legislation being passed, we aim to inform students about the activities of the ASUN’s governing body and how it affects them.

Tysilian “Ty” Pimienta is a Great Oak High School 2011 graduate from Temecula, California. He is currently attending the University with a major in Journalism as well as a minor in Political Science. After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, he plans to go to graduate school and then become an Investigative Reporter for CNN. Not only does he have a passion for politics and media, he also has a passion for athletics and theater.

Andrew Gilbreth is a Bonanza High School 2008 graduate from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is also currently attending the University with a major in Journalism and minor in Political Science. His interests are in Graphic/Information Design and International Relations, and would love to work for the BBC one day.

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