Profile: Troy Wilson

If you thought that last week’s blog post on student government was good, this post will blow your mind!

Today, I received the chance to speak to the most popular figure on campus, Troy Wilson, who is a dual major in Economics and Political Science. The reason why I spoke to him was to not only hear about what he does but also his stance on student government.

“I have been Vice Chair of the Paternal Judicial Council for two years,” Wilson said. “I help police the Greek system to the best of my abilities and to the best of the council’s abilities when fraternities do decide to settle a dispute using the board.”

What made him want to be a part of the Judicial Council was the influence of power. However, in Troy’s mind, there’s more that meets the eye.

“It was more of me wanting to fix the Greek system,” Wilson said. “Stop all the egging of houses, raping of sorority girls and just the things that Greeks do to plague us as a whole.”

After telling me about why he is a part of the Judicial Council, he gave a note of his stance on student government.

“It’s the most corrupt institution in the world, There’s this fake ass secret society known as Coffin and Keys, who sits there and tries to use their influence as if there are the best and the most powerful people on campus, and currently Jake Pereira is a member of Coffin and Keys and so is Vice President Alex Bybee. They are being brought up on impeachment charges for intimidation, bullying and the theft and bribery of $5,000.”

From here, the information never stops ceasing as Troy keeps my surprised attitude on a great level due to what he says.

” Also on top of that, the student conduct hearings are not letting any of Pereira’s appointments go through. His impeachment hearing is May 7th, and if he does get impeached, they are going to have a special election for the new president.”

To add the cherry on this sundae, that has been the word on the street as I am typing this article. Troy also tells me more about who is a part of Coffin and Keys and work for ASUN Student Government.

“Almost all of Coffin and Keys works in ASUN: J Pereira, A Bybee, J Pinnochio, J Flynn (all three names are Jake), Ziad Rashdan, T Cuellar, E Edginton, C Blakeman, R. Richardson,  D Rivenes, D Gacenti, K Jepson, C Fabbi, S Bezick, and R. Corn.”



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