New website for ASUN to cost $22,000

In a recent Senate Act, the ASUN has set aside $22,650 from its capital fund to pay the Abbi Agency to create a new website for the student organization. According to the act, by launching a new website with a “modern look, condensing, simplify and adding relevant content, and making it easier to navigate, ASUN hopes the website will become a hub, often frequented by students and similar to WebCampus.” This is intended to be part of a larger rebranding effort by the ASUN. In addition to a brand new website, the Abbi Agency will also be managing the site’s Public Relations (not provided by the previous website builder), and matching the hosting fee of the current website of $100 per month.

The current ASUN website

The current ASUN website front page

In the Senate Minutes for April 9th, a number of senators expressed concern over the new site, including Senator Cale’s objection to the cost and Senator Jay’s questioning of the necessity of new website. Regardless, the act was passed by the following senate vote on the matter. The Abbi Agency, a local ‘digital engagement” firm, apparently quoted the ASUN a significantly lower price than some competitors. The Abbi Agency services a large number of clients, many of them local to the Washoe area. No date has been released yet for when the new website should be expected.


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