Series of Justice Rulings in Pereira-Bybee Campaign

The Judicial Branch of the ASUN receives little coverage, however they do fulfill an important role for the ASUN. The most frequent task of the Justices is to determine innocence or guilt of an ASUN member charged with breaking ASUN laws.

While running a successful election bid, the Pereira-Bybee campaign was not without incident. They were charged four times for various infractions of the election rules. Two of these charges were dropped, and two upheld by the Justices resulting in fines for the candidates.

In the start of the elections in February, the Pereira-Bybee campaign was charged by ASUN Attorney General Steven Kish of violating the SAS (Statutes of the Associated Students) Section 12.b.10. This line relates to election rules determined by the Residence Halls or Department of Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services, in this case a rule about the posting of election material.

The Pereira-Bybee campaign was charged with posting a campaign sign in a zone prohibited by the Residence Halls, and found guilty of this charge by the Justices. They were each fined the minimum $5 from their campaign deposit.

The campaign was again charged with a similar infraction (SAS 12.e.84) in March, relating to where election materials may not be posted on campus. In this instance, campaign signs were found in an elevator in the Joe, and another Residence Hall area. The campaign was again found guilty, and fined an additional $5 for each violation.

Alex Bybee’s campaign was charged individually in March of violating SAS12.e in regards to election documents not being placed in the campaign box. However, it was found by the Justices that the campaign box was not properly secured, and there was insufficient evidence for any ruling on the case, so charges were dropped.

Jake Pereira was charged of “campaigning within 10 feet of any official Commission sandwich boards or banners” while attending an election event. The Justices found that Pereira had agreed to the event ahead of the elections in his role as Director of Traditions for the ASUN, and he was not using the event to campaign for himself. Although it was an accidental conflict of interest, he was found not guilty and the charges were dropped.


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