Welcome the College Senators of the 81st Session!

Alright Wolf pack, now that voting for your candidate has come to an end, it is now time to reveal the Senators of the 81st Session:

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Sciences

Paul De Leon

He plans to establish better communication between CABNR and students, expand organizations within CABNR and promote undergrad research opportunities.

Joshua Hutapea

He plans to promote CABNR majors through a science fair, provide a television monitor in the CABNR student center and host a Grant-Writing assistance workshop.

College of Business

Steve Bezick

He wants to enlarge entrepreneurship programming, work towards reconditioning the College of Business and maintain two-way communication between ASUN and COBA.

Abhay Sharma

He plans to make the budget look easy to the eyes of the students, encourage professionalism within the students through workshops, work  with the business student council and hold regular meetings with the College of Business Dean to better serve the students within the major.

College of Education

Crystal Carter.

She wants to create a newspaper for the College of Education as well as make printing in the College of Education more affordable for students within the major.

Alison Cale

She plans to create a student advisory board for the College of Education, get a Pack Mentorship program started for the College as well as increase the partnership between athletics and ASUN.

College of Engineering

Alexis Robertson

She plans to develop a new tutoring center for students who are majoring in the field and promote ASUN involvement for both the student body and faculty members of engineering.

Jonathan Jay

He wants to change the way we apportion Senators to ensure that it is fair for all colleges and also ensure that the Engineering Senator positions are well off.

For more  information please go to nevadaasun.com located in our Links tab.


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