Tobacco Ban On Campus

Next year, the University plans to implement a smoke free campus to help promote a healthy environment for the student body by creating smoke pits for tobacco users.

President Johnson who is in favor of the ban stated that, “the idea of having a smoke and tobacco free campus is to not find places
for and encourage smoke breaks, but rather, to remove smoking and tobacco products from campus.”

Other universities such as Oregon State have already initiated this policy onto their campus. So what our University has done so far was gather thoughts from students about the smoke pits being installed onto the campus. The results showed that out of 100 people who were surveyed, “91 were non-smokers, 58 were against the tobacco ban and twelve were against the smoke pits being installed.” Although a total of 70 people are against the tobacco ban and the smoke pits, this does not mean that these pits will not be implemented.

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4 thoughts on “Tobacco Ban On Campus

  1. This is an issue that is really interesting to me. I think this topic has the potential to have more interactive posts on your blog. I think surveys would be great to get the students involved, that way it can be something to show ASUN to help them on their decision-making. I’m also curious if you attend the weekly meetings of ASUN? I think it would be nice to inform the students what our student government is doing on a week to week basis. I think students would be more involved if there was a resource (your blog) that they can refer to get some of this insight. Great job!

  2. I have been hearing different things about this issue since last year. I heard that it was going to pass and then I heard it wasn’t going to pass. Personally I don’t think it will pass because it’s almost a “discrimination” issue because we don’t want people who smoke on our campus. I think that if you included an interview with President Johnson it could have helped your article but I understand it’s a linked article so no worries.
    I thought that it did provide enough information for those who didn’t know that much about the issue.
    Liz Thomas

  3. I like this article because it is informative to the student body and shows the potential for this university. This is most likely to spark up a debate because obviously not everyone will agree with this ruling. You have the ability to make this interactive by adding a pole or an opinion column because everyone will have their own thoughts. Using statistics was important for the credibility and you guys nailed it!

  4. It is very interesting blog post. And I really like your story and focuses.

    It is very convenient to have these bloggers on campus because we can easily access to the campus information. Also, it is always relevant to us, college students. Thank you so much for sharing great sources to us!

    I have a question. Where can I keep tracking on the information about UNR campus news? I mean where did you find these sources? I love to hear more about that!

    Overall, your writing is so clear and relevant to us. It is very great story. Thank you.

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