Senate Passes Three Resolutions, Supports Public Course Evaluations

One of the functions of the ASUN Senate is to pass resolutions, either a ‘binding’ resolution involving the governance and function of the Senate, or a more informal resolution. This second resolution is a statement of the student body’s opinion, suggestion, or initiative (as decided by the Senate) on various matters. This is often used by the Senate to give official support to suggested campus policies, such as the upcoming Tobacco Ban, and are taken under consideration by university officials.

Three resolutions were passed in yesterdays Senate meeting. While all three have been in consideration for almost a year, they were at last ‘agreed to’ in the April 2, 2014 session. In addition to a resolution discouraging an academic boycott of Israel and a resolution supporting the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act in Congress, the ASUN has supported opening teacher and course evaluations to the public.

It has been considered that UNR’s evaluations be made public, as several other Universities have done. The ASUN has officially supported this effort, claiming it will increase professor accountability, aid students in choosing classes, and increase the effectiveness of the evaluations, among other reasons. While this resolution and strong backing may lead to the implementation of such a policy, that decision is now up to university officials.


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