Why Your Vote at UNR Matters

Voters often complain that in elections, their individual vote simply isn’t going to make a difference. And there is a truth to that; in most elections one single vote will not change the outcome. However if enough people ‘whose vote doesn’t matter’ actually turnout to vote, they can change elections. All of those inconsequential votes together can potentially make a difference. But how many votes does it take to make a change?

At UNR, that number may be a lot smaller than you think. Only 16% of the student body participated in last month’s ASUN elections. Several of the races were very close, with elections only being won by a couple hundred votes or less. In such a small voting population as UNR, individual votes carry much more weight. Below is an infographic we created detailing just how close the elections where, and how many votes it would have taken to completely change the outcome.

2014 Elections Infographic

In both the Presidential and VP elections, a very small number of voters (1% and 2% respectively) would have changed the outcome. For future voters, participating in the election may have a much bigger payoff than it seems. And for future candidates, reaching those few voters who on the fence about voting could make or break an election campaign.


2 thoughts on “Why Your Vote at UNR Matters

  1. I think this was a good idea for a post. So many people do not vote, including myself. I’m not really into politics. But still even in the university elections I did not vote. It does take time to stay informed about that kind of stuff. I think your blog’s main page could be more visually appealing. I enjoyed the graphic on this page. That was helpful. Did you vote in the elections? It’s crazy how close it was between Pieria and Acosta. And I know Pieria and Bybee spent a significant amount more than Acosta and Meek did.

  2. I’ve never really been into politics on campus, even in high school and I liked the idea that you guys have a poll for the audience to respond to. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. This post made me really think about how important my vote could be to the student body. It’ll make me rethink in the next election. The graphic of the percentage of student voting looks sad and shows that our campus needs to become more seriously involved. -Rachel

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