ASUN 2014 Candidates

Candidates for President

Number of Seats: 1

Candidate: Desirae Acosta

Desirae Acosta is a Journalism major with a minor in Theater. What she desires to do if elected as President of ASUN, is to pivot her attention toward features that matter to the student body such as, supplying opportunities for them to become connected beyond the campus as well as installing active initiatives to encourage scholarly success in the University.

Candidate: Jake Pereira

Pereira has accomplished a variety of leadership roles while attending the University of Nevada, Reno. This year, he is currently the Director of Traditions for ASUN. What he plans to do if elected as President, is to use ASUN as his foundation to help generate amazing experiences for both the students and community. Not only does he want to create fantastic experiences for both spheres, but he also wants to strengthen the pack through his platform.

Candidates for ASUN Vice President

Candidate: Alex Bybee

Alex Bybee is running for Vice President because he is not only dedicated to strengthening the Wolf Pack, but also because he understands what Jake Pereira wants to do for the student body. What he plans to do if elected as Vice President, is to use his skill of lobbying and policy to provide those opportunities for students who attend the University.

Candidate: Theo Meek

Theo Meek is a Business Management Major who is all about service to the University. If Theo is elected Vice President of ASUN, he will generate student involvement by creating a 365 student coalition, connect the University with the Reno-Sparks community, increase the first year, first generation student support as well as revitalize the Pack Mentorship Program on campus.

Candidates for Senator

College of Ag, Bio Tech, and Natural Resources (CABNR)

Number of seats: 2
Number of candidates: 3

Candidate: Gabriel Golez
Platform: Expand CABNR clubs/student center/research opportunities – Create CABNR student council – Increase CABNR voice on campus

Candidate: Lennon Zimmerman
Platform: Improve CABNR – Meet CABNR student needs – Create shuttle stop at the Fleischmann Agriculture building – Provide anatomy models for De La Mare Library

Candidate: Ryan Hood
Platform: Increase research opportunities for CABNR students – Make current opportunities less difficult to find/join – Promote ASUN Undergraduate Research Journal use for all students – Expand/retain CABNR clubs

College of Business Administration

Number of seats: 3
Number of candidates: 3

Candidate: Christopher Bryce Warner
Platform: Increase communication between ASUN and Business school – Increase student participation in events – Continue Ansari building renovations – Increase freshman involvement

Candidate: Ken Brooke
Platform: Increase student involvement – Improve ties between clubs/organizations and the ASUN – Assist development of the new gym – Ensure responsible spending of student money

Candidate: Rosalie Ferebee
Platform: Increase Business class sections – Increase opportunities for student involvement in on-campus business organizations – Increase support for campus projects/events

College of Education

Number of seats: 2
Number of candidates: 2

Candidate: Crystal Carter
Platform: Increase education school presence on campus – Increase attractiveness of education school to students – Increase education student involvement on campus and in the community

Candidate: Jade Mack
Platform: Improve campus safety/security – Continue Safety Walk Initiative – Increase education school campus presence – Improve Education/HDSF major community – Promote music program events

College of Engineering

Number of seats: 2
Number of candidates: 4

Candidate: Anthony Ramirez
Platform: Pursue realistic goal setting in Senate – Increase student involvement – Increase student voice in government – Reduce price of textbooks – Affordable options for engineering programs – Establish alumni for engineering school.

Candidate: Jakob Christensen
Platform: Increase scholastic/extracurricular opportunities for students – Increase student involvement in ASUN – Increase funding for community outreach programs – Create a complete textbook library

Candidate: Kevin Bezick
Platform: Pursue engineering school interests in the government – Create leadership/entrepreneurship program with College of Business

Candidate: Zachary Brounstein
Platform: Expand engineering, math, writing, and tutoring centers – Increase openness with government and student body – Make students more connected to the university

College of Liberal Arts

Number of seats: 8
Number of candidates: 10

Candidate: Abby Feenstra
Platform: Increase awareness of ASUN’s benefits – Promote transparency in ASUN – Improve relationships between ASUN and other on-campus groups

Candidate: Caden Fabbi
Platform: Improve student engagement in civic opportunities – Connect more students to campus resources – Improve Member-at-Large program – Work with committee chairs to improve meeting/project effectiveness

Candidate: David N. Legaspi
Platform: Increase research opportunities by improving communication between organizations – Make research opportunities easier to find

Candidate: Elaina Dunn
Platform: Inform students of affairs in community/state/nation – Help students reach success

Candidate: Eleanor Harvison
Platform: Increase impact of College of Liberal Arts Advisory Board – Increase student involvement – Dedicate building to the Liberal Arts school – Continue Saving Swipe program – Work with City of Reno to increase making city a college town

Candidate: Marissa Crook
Platform: Promote connection/engagement/success on campus – Create direct contact to senators for students – Increase awareness about human trafficking – Centralize access to success tools on campus

Candidate: Melissa Jane Ung
Platform: Increase student involvement on campus – Ensure student voices are heard – Facilitate transition of upcoming tobacco prohibition – Increase student awareness of senate decisions – Create a service to help new students deal with first semester – Increase student volunteer opportunities – Increase student awareness of ASUN services/events

Candidate: Michael Lienhard
Platform: Create mentorship program for new Liberal Arts students – Create a program to connect graduating seniors to employers

Candidate: Quinn Jonas
Platform: Ensure efficiency of ASUN spending – Coordinate programs/events with other colleges – Promote Theatre/Arts events – Increase student involvement – Create Community Shared Agriculture program with local farmers/ranchers to improve food options for students.

Candidate: Sydney Nelson
Platform: Increase student involvement by linking clubs/organizations to Liberal Arts school – Create Non-Traditional Student Advisory Board – Create alumni/student connection website to increase employment opportunities

College of Science

Number of seats: 2
Number of candidates: 5

Candidate: Alexander Sung
Platform: Provide students with direct communication to school administration – Improve neuroscience program

Candidate: Anurag Kulkarni
Platform: Increase community outreach – Increase promotion and student involvement in events – Increase student knowledge about ASUN programs/decisions

Candidate: Catherine McCrillis
Platform: Increase voice of unrepresented students – Increase dietary options on campus – Create constructive voice for student body

Candidate: Jeffrey Dominguez
Platform: Spread presence of Science school on campus – Push for public speakers on interesting topics – Ensure availability of scholarships for Science school – Bring student ideas to faculty

Candidate: Sean Alto
Platform: Make sure government represents the students – Listen and advocate on behalf of student body

Candidate: Vijay Sathappan
Platform: Help ASUN make a difference in community – Listen to student voices/opinions – Ensure every student’s voice is heard

Reynolds School of Journalism

Number of seats: 1
Number of candidates: 1

Candidate: Nick Beaton
Platform: Continue outreach to journalism students and fix concerns – Complete a mentorship workshop series in the school – Increase awareness of campus events to improve attendance

For more detailed information on the candidates, check out the ASUN’s election page.


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