List of the Elected Office Basics

The ASUN elections are beginning, with the Primary Elections already underway. Those elected in the General Elections next week will take office on Wednesday, April 16th. In preparation for the new student government, here is a quick list of the basics for each office.

According to the ASUN Constitution, all members of the government must “maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average,” and “be enrolled in at least seven undergraduate credits.”


  • The senate has 22 positions, with every college guaranteed one senator. The remaining 14 seats are distributed among the colleges based on enrollment every two years.
  • This election’s breakdown of seats is:
    • College of Ag, Bio Tech, Natural Resources – 2
    • College of Business Admin – 3
    • College of Education – 2
    • College of Engineering – 2
    • College of Liberal Arts – 8
    • College of Science – 2
    • Department of Health Sciences – 2
    • Reynolds School of Journalism – 1
  • Terms last for one year (until the next election winners take office).

President/Vice President

  • The President and VP must have completed 60 undergraduate credits and have been an ASUN member (student) for two semesters.
  • Also have terms of one year.


  • There is a Chief Justice, with four Associate Justices.
  • They have the same requirements as the office of President, but serve two year terms.
  • No Justices are up for election this year.

One thought on “List of the Elected Office Basics

  1. Super Informative ! Well written and to the point. I enjoy the basic layout as it was a great flow . I got all I need from this . The title provide a perfect grasp of the post would entail yet left me curious to click and get the information.
    It is important especially with this blog to lay everything out in an easy understandable format so that in further posts I ( the reader) can know what is exactly what . For those of us not familiar with politics and ASUN we really need this ! Great to be in the loop.
    Job well done !!
    What is your overall goal for this blog/

    I like incorporating social media ( like candidates Twitters or Instagrams) with their platforms ..we are in 2014 ! Looking forward to more.

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